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Konsortialbildungsworkshop am 1. April zu “Security for smart and safe cities, including for public spaces” (SU-INFRA02-2019)

In EU cities, numerous targets spread across the urban area and protecting public spaces, such as malls, open crowded gathering areas and events, and non-restricted areas of transport infrastructures pose particular challenges for law enforcement and security services. Although recent terrorist attacks on public spaces and these so-called "soft targets" may have less long-term physical impact, they may strongly affect the citizens in terms of their subsequent psychological and sociological effects.

The security and good operation of a smart and safe city relies on interconnected, complex and interdependent networks and systems. These include public transportation networks, energy, communication, transactional infrastructure, civil security and law enforcement agencies, road traffic, public interest networks and services offered by public and private operators.

The European Commission requires in the INFRA02 call proposals to develop and integrate experimentally, in situ, the components of an open platform for sharing and managing information between public and private service operators and security practitioners of a large, smart city.

Our next fit4sec workshop wants to address the challenges and opportunities with regard to how EU cities can play a key role in the development of the next generation of solutions for the protection of public spaces by defining concrete needs, while also acting as a real-life test-bench for the assessment of practical and innovative technologies. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to bring together renowned experts from industry, academia, civil society and public bodies to sketch the basic contours of a possible project consortium with regard to the call INFRA02.

Please let us know by 27th of March whether you would be able to participate via (contact: Caroline von der Heyden). In case you are unable to attend, we would appreciate any recommendation you may have with regard to a suitable candidate from within your organization.