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Technology projects before their test cycles - The major challenge posed by the COVID19 pandemic

Currently, the EU research project CURSOR, like other technology projects involving entire test cycles, is facing major challenges due to the pandemic.

Some technologies, such as software for displaying common situation images, can be tested virtually without any problems. The situation is different for ground listening devices, drones or robots, which need to be "hands-on" for testing to get a feel for their functionality. So what now? In order not to have to accept major delays in the course of the project or even a development phase in the absence of emergency personnel, the CURSOR consortium has decided to involve additional, external emergency personnel for the tests. This way, current travel restrictions can be compensated. At the same time, an increased information and training effort for the external task forces is to be expected. However, the project partners made a conscious decision to do this in order to deliver results that focus on the requirements of the end users despite the pandemic.

For more information on the project and its results so far, please visit the website or social media (Twitter; LinkedIn; YouTube).

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