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8. BMBF-Workshop „Zivile Sicherheit in Horizont Europa – Quo vadis?“ in Brüssel

On 20 and 21 November 2019, the BMBF will host the 8th Workshop on the European Security Research Programme. This year's workshop is entitled "Civil Security in Horizon Europe - Quo vadis?" and will take place in Brussels.

The event offers actors in civil security research an excellent opportunity to exchange views with representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament and some Member States on the perspectives of the future European security research programme and to contribute to its design.

At the beginning of this year's event, the political significance of European security research will be the focus of discussion. Further focal points of the workshop will be the strategic planning process and the resulting priorities for the future thematic orientation of the cluster "Civil Security for Society". The opportunities and limits for European security research in the field of Artificial Intelligence will also be examined. Another focus will be the cooperation with users and SMEs in the consortia.

The event is aimed at representatives of research institutes and universities, responsible persons from companies as well as public and private users. Both actors who are already involved in the European security research programme and new interested parties who want to get to know, use and shape the potential of European security research are welcome.

A detailed programme and a registration form will be sent to you at the beginning of September 2019 via the mailing list of the newsletter on civil security research.