Building European consortia for security research

The project has come to an end

In 2013, IABG, BIGS, Uni BW and Fraunhofer Fokus launched fit4sec as part of the measure "Deutsche Antragsteller fit für Europa". In order to meet the challenge of increased end-user orientation in European security research, the project team was expanded in 2017 to include the three end-users THW, BKA and BDEW. The project was originally scheduled to end in February 2021, however four of the partners (IABG, BIGS, BDEW and THW) have decided to continue the support activities until July 2021 to facilitate the entry of interested partners into the Horizon Europe programme and the formation of consortia for the first calls. Now, after a total of eight years the project comes to an end and we look back on an eventful term

fit4sec aimed to provide a unique platform to bring together researchers and practitioners from the field of security research. Stakeholders from the fields of science, industry, public authorities and end users were networked in this way and actively supported in their participation in European security research (Horizon 2020) and the associated establishment of research alliances with an increased user orientation. fit4sec was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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New projects

We are pleased that there was overall great interest among German companies and end-users in EU research and similarly large interest in German partners for European consortia. To keep you engaged in European research, we would like to give you the opportunity to benefit from newer but similar projects and networks.


Network for companies and end-users in civil security research

In February 2021, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) launched the innovation forum "InnoBOSK" to connect companies and end-users in the field of civil security research. In addition to various workshops, a central component of the forum is the development of a digital platform which companies and end users canuse to get in touch with each other beyond duration of the project.
InnoBOSK aims to bring together both worlds of civil security- emergency services and SMEs - and link them permanently. A large innovation forum is planned for Sept. 15-16, 2021, as a hybrid final event that is intended to improve mutual understanding through active exchange and thus trigger a faster and more targeted innovation process.
InnoBOSK is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the "Innovationsforen Mittelstand" funding initiative.

If you would like to join or receive more information, please send an email to: innobosk(at) or visit our website:


Establishing a cybersecurity research coordination unit

As part of the Brillant project, a coordination unit for cybersecurity research will be established at ZITiS (Zentrale Stelle für Informationstechnik im Sicherheitsbereich) over the next three years. ZITiS is part of the BMI's business division. It researches and develops cyber-related solutions and tools to support security authorities and provides comprehensive advice on technical issues.
The overarching goal of the coordination unit is to strengthen the role of German security authorities in research. The thematic focus is on cyber-related security research and the self-determined and future-proof actions of the security authorities.
The services offered by the new coordination unit include:

  • FundingWindow: Newsletter on current funding opportunities in cybersecurity research.
  • Partnering Events: Events for networking between security authorities and research institutions with the aim of forming powerful consortia for third-party funding applications.
  • Contact point for project ideas: Support in the search for suitable funding and in the search for partners to form consortia.
  • Application support (prospective): Support for safety authorities in project applications.
  • Information gathering (prospective): e.g. overview of competencies of research institutions with cyber relevance.

Are you interested in one of our services or would you like to be kept up to date on project developments? Don't hesitate to contact us: FoKo(at)

We are looking forward to your message!


Research network for German end-users

The national network project ForAn, initiated by the THW and 16 German partners from research and operations, started on June 1, 2021. German end-users (CRITIS operators, police and non-police emergency response) will receive support with EU research applications in Horizon Europe over the next three and a half years. To this end, ForAn, with the help of its partners, is developing tailored workshops and mentoring opportunities for applicants. At the same time, applicants are also matched with European research consortia.

If you are an end-user and would like to help shape ForAn and benefit from its services, or if you would simply like more information, please contact us at Projekt.ForAn(at)